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Installation and Configuration

Consider outsourcing your eCommerce design and development requirements to eCommercecone. Building and maintaining an online store can be a complex process without proper skills. We, fortunately, have the proficiency and experience to design, develop, install, and manage your eCommerce store.

Our experts have the confidence to develop a store of your choice and dreams that achieves your goals and objectives. We make sure you grow rapidly in your industry. You will have complete control over the website once the installation and configuration are complete.

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eCommerce website design

  • Store setup
  • Custom templates
  • Contact form design
  • Content management system
  • Blog
  • Social media integration

Store setup

eCommercecone will assist you with the launch and basic configuration of your online store. Our team installs the theme and integrate technologies, import data like images and product information. We will set up the home page, configure payment gateways, language translation support, live chat etc.

Custom Templates

We create fully validated, robust, personalized templates with specialized features pertaining to your industry. Our designs are all responsive and work seamlessly across different devices and browsers. The professionals in our team have the experience to deliver engaging designs with the appropriate fonts and color palette.

Contact form design

The contact form is a vital part of every website. It can be the first step to convert a casual visitor into a customer. The design is not important here, however, it must be fully functional. eCommercecone professionals have helped many companies with their Contact forms. We ensure the form matches the appearance and style of the website. To enhance the visitor experience, we create it simple and easy to understand.

Content management system

We will help you decide the best CMS for your business. Choose any platform from WooCommerce, OpenCart, Magento, Shopify and similar. Our experts can build, customize, and implement any platform that you find comfortable.


Blogging is an important SEO strategy to get your site exposure and it improves your Google Page ranks as well. With the right content, it will work effectively to engage your visitors. We create and integrate a customized blog for your online store.

Social media integration

People actively indulge in social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and similar. We integrate social media accounts into your website to get your business exposure to new markets and audience. It will improve organic traffic to your site and give a boost to conversions.

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James Site owner

Our company has been using eCommercecone whenever we required some service with our website. They are a fantastic team- quick and efficient. I would recommend them.